Lower River Brora

The Lower Brora is one of the Highland's premier salmon rivers and the system enjoys a full season from February through to the end of season on October 15th. There is a small, but steady, spring run which can be expected from late Feb through to the end of May, excellent summer salmon and grilse fishing, in particular after rain, and sometimes frenetic fishing in September and October as the water temperatures drop away.

The Lower river flows through delightful highland scenery for approximately 3 miles from the outflow of Loch Brora to the sea. There are some 30 named pools including the Ford, Rallan, Bengie, the Stoney’s, Donkey and Madman and a feature of the lower river is that it fishes in a wide range of heights. There is an ongoing programme of river improvements to enhance the fishing in all conditions and there were further croy works completed in 2023. A feature of the lower river is that it fishes in a variety of water heights.


The Lower river is operated by the North and South bank proprietors and the 30 plus pools are split into two beats, known as the upper and lower, and each beat fishes a maximum of 4 rods. Both banks fish well, with some pools favouring the North bank and others the South. There is a rotational arrangement in place whereby tenants, who always fish their own bank, never fish opposite each other. For example, on the Monday morning the North Bank rods will be on the Upper, whilst South Bank rods fish the Lower. At lunch, the parties will swop.  Let’s are generally for  2 or 4 rods and for 3 or 6 day periods.



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