Planes, Trains & Automobiles (& Boats!)

Scotland is a small country with an incredibly diverse landscape that is both stunning and ever changing. It is a country that is a travellers delight. Long hard days behind the wheel or under sail are not required (unless desired!) and the legs of your journey will be savoured rather than endured. With luxury hotels studding the country, countless diversions and attractions Scotland is now one of the world’s premier destinations. Let us take you on a magical tour.  

The roads that traverse the North, the internationally famed North Coast 500, those that follow the old drovers tracks or those that are laid on the old Roman military roads all add up to a drivers dream. We can arrange cars of all specifications and vintages, private chefs, pipers, castles and much, much more. 

Luxury yachts are the ultimate, and private, way to explore Scotland’s West Coast and the Hebrides. Remote anchorages, spectacular seafood and deserted beaches offer the ultimate retreat from the pressures of the modern world. It is far from isolation, however, and we have built strong links with providers up and down the coast and we can add intrigue and excitement to any itinerary.

Trains are such a genteel way to see the country and arriving into Scotland by sleeper is a quaint experience not to be missed. Increasingly travellers are rediscovering the magic of the rails and a mixed transport trip featuring cars, sea-planes, trains and boats is one to savour.

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