River Brora

The Lower Brora is one of the Highland's most productive rivers and flows from Loch Brora to the sea. The Lower River is split into 2 beats, which rotate so you will never have anyone fishing opposite you, and each fish a maximum of 4 rods. Lets are for 3 day or weekly periods and fishers can take 2, 4 or 8 rods. Please be in contact for further detail. 

The lower river is approximately 3 miles long and it then flows through delightful open countryside. There are a total of 29 pools which provide a great variety of fishing and the river is easily fished with little wading required. The north and the south bank are operated on a rotational arrangement whereby tenants, although fishing their own bank, never fish opposite each other. Each bank is fished by a maximum of 4 rods and the beats are futher sub-divided into two so that pairs of rods can fish if desired. 

The Lower Brora enjoys a full season from February through to October, and continues to enjoy a consistent spring run, excellent summer grilse fishing and sometimes frenetic fishing in September and October. The Brora also has a history of producing big fish with a notable number of 25lb+ fish caught in recent years. The river does fish best after rain, particularly from June onwards, but fish run and are caught in very low conditions and the river is always worth fishing. 

Both banks fish well with some pools favouring the North bank and others the South. 

We offer fishing lets for 2, 4 or 8 rods for 3 or 6 day periods. The river offers great value for money. 


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