Amhuinnsuidhe Estate

Amhuinnsuidhe Estate is one of the world’s greatest fly-fishing destinations and offers a unique blend of history, traditions, characters, Castle, landscape and, of course, superb fishing. It is a destination that all passionate fishers should visit at least once and, for the majority, once will not be enough. The Castle is let by the week for a maximum of 18. 

The Castle 

Amhuinnsuidhe, in Gaelic, means sitting by the river. The Castle does exactly that and from early May it is possible to watch salmon jumping in the Bay at the mouth of the Castle river. It is a spectacular location which is matched by the comfort, history and luxury of the Castle. The Castle is let on a fully catered and staffed basis and can accommodate up to 18 people across 12 suites/bedrooms and all have their own bathroom.  In addition, the Castle boasts a drawing room, panelled dining room, billiard room, historic rod room and well-equipped drying room. There is Wi-Fi and mobile phone coverage. 

The Fishing 

Amhuinnsuidhe Estate offers some of world’s finest loch salmon and sea trout fishing in a hauntingly wild landscape. The Castle, and its guests, have the exclusive fishing on six river and loch systems together with exciting estuary fishing for big sea-trout in periods of low water. There are a total of nine freshwater lochs, the most famous being Voshimid, Scourst and Ulladale, names that reverberate across fly-fishing history.

The bulk of the fishing is carried out from drifting boats although in spate conditions the rivers can fish superbly and both lochs and estuary’s can be fished from the bank. Generally two rods fish from each boat with a ghillie to control the drift. It is a very exciting and social way to target salmon and sea trout. Castle guests have a total of 5 ghillies at their disposal.


Harris is a destination in its own right and for non-fishers there are miles and miles of deserted sandy beaches, the Callanish standing stones, the golden eagles that nest in the cliffs above Scourst, sea-boat trips to St Kilda or to observe the rich marine life of the Outer Hebrides.



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