River Inver

The River Inver is a charming West Coast river located amongst the spectacular hills of the North West Highlands. Salmon start to run the Inver, and its sister river the Kirkaig, in early May and in the right conditions fishing can be excellent from late May to mid-October.  

The River Inver fishing's comprise approximately 6 miles of double banked fishing between Loch Assynt and Lochinver. It is beautiful and productive and the waters of Loch Assynt and its headwaters keep the river at a fishable height for gratifyingly long periods of time.  

There are a total of five beats, each fishing 2 rods, and beats can be let by the day or week, with or without ghillie assistance. The Estate ghillies are superb and we strongly recommend their services. Access is generally good but note that the Inver is a Highland river, and some walking is required.

The upper beat contains 2 small lochs, and a number of runs and pools, whilst the four beats of the lower and middle river contain a varied mix of water. We recommend a 12.5 ft, 7/8 weight rod as a good allrounder although single handers, in particular for hitching, and longer rods also have their place. A selection of Inver flies should include a mix of shrimp type flies such as the Cascade, tied on size 8-12 hooks, together with darker flies such as the Stoat and Silver Stoat, again in sizes 8-12. If you are fishing in the first half of the season do take some hitch flies. It is rare for anything other than a floating line to be required. The Inver offers  the very best of Highland fishing.



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